Welcome to the CBS Case Competition's (CCC) skills training section - we're so glad you're here! We at CCC have created this training resource for several reasons...beyond the fact that we are obsessed with spreading the word about case competitions!

For those of you who consider yourselves inexperienced, this training section will provide you with an introduction into the entire process surrounding case solving. We will take you through from start to finish, from the initial preparation phase to presenting and then how to utilize feedback. Afterwards, you can dig into our toolbox which will provide you with more details on the different parts of case solving.

Even if you've got experience within case solving, this training should provide a great refresher in the basics ahead of what should be an incredible experience in week 9! There are some really useful tips from members of our world renowned official CBS Case Team. Who knows...there might be something you don't know - even for the most experienced of case solvers!

Good luck on your learning journey - remember to sign up for week 9 here!