Information about GLOBAL 2019 

please upload the case solution at

The requirements of GLOBAL2019 are: 

• first and foremost we highly encourage you to read through the GLOBAL 2019 rules and information in the section below.

• You have to be a team of 4 undergraduate (bachelor) students, currently enrolled in your studies. If you continue to the semi-finals you will be asked to provide proof of enrolment.

• The solution you submit can have maximum of 15 slides. uploaded in .pdf format. The slide size have to be 16:9. It will not be able to upload any other file format.

• All communication will be anonymous throughout the competition. You are not allowed to AT ANY POINT disclose your name, the name of your university or country of origin in the handed in slide deck. 

Other practical information: 

• You can upload multiple solutions (e.g. drafts) before the deadline. The last upload will override your previous hand-ins and will be your submission into the competition. Once the clock runs out. the solution that is currently uploaded is your final submission.

• If you proceed to the semi-finals. your team will have to present your solution on a live-stream with a panel of judged. For this reason you need to be together in the same location.

• The front page milestones will adapt themselves to whatever time zone your computer is set to.

• If you encounter problems with the platform during the case solving or when downloading and uploading the case and your submission, please contact us at

• If you have questions regarding the semi-finals, please see the message board or the front page where we have provided more information. If something is unclear, feel free to reach out to us at

Announcing Semi-finalists and Winners :

• 9 teams will continue to semi-finals. which will take place between 10am-12pm CET on February 15th

• The format will be a live stream conversation with a panel of judges, where you have 15 minutes to present your solution, followed by a 10 minutes O&A

• The semi-finalists will be announced at 5.30pm CET on February 14th on the front page of the platform. and will receive emails as well

• The teams will be asked to provide proof of enrolment. This can be an official enrolment letter generated from your school or a letter from a faculty member with an official stamp of your university.

• After the semi-finals the 3 teams continuing to the final will be announced at 2pm CET.

On behalf of the CBS Case Competition team- good luck!