CBS Case Competition will be hiring again in May 2023

Are you our next digital native?

As many organizations these days, CBS Case Competition is becoming increasingly digital. For us to further develop on our case platforms, we are on the lookout for a digital prophet, who can make sure our database is running smoothly and help us identify areas of further improvements. Additionally, the task involves updating and maintaining our website and ensuring that our online presence is smooth and professional. This is an opportunity to gain valuable IT expertise and manage your own responsibility for IT and data processes. As such, experience within data analytics and/or web design is a plus, but not a requirement, as you will have plenty of opportunity to develop these skills.

Some examples of tasks include but are not limited to:
  • Maintaining and developing our case platform via close collaboration with our digital partner(s)

  • Innovating current IT solutions

  • Updating our website and developing new content in collaboration with our partner companies

  • Communicating valuable insights internally and externally via data analytics

Team size: