CBS Case Competition will be hiring again in May 2023

Are you a creator of opportunities ready to manage the world’s largest case competition?

Although only being 4 years old, the CBS GLOBAL Case Competition is the world’s biggest undergraduate case competition. As with any 4-year old, however, we could use some help taking care of the competition, making sure it develops properly. The GLOBAL team does exactly that, deciding on the general format of the competition, and executing the entire competition from start to finish, making sure that the more that 3600 participants from around the globe has a great experience. 

Some examples of tasks include but are not limited to:
  • Facilitating our “GLOBAL ambassador” program with representatives from universities all over the world

  • Developing the overall competition format

  • Planning and executing the Final event

  • Ensuring a seamless experience for the participants and audience both physically and digitally

Team size: