As the market leader in our field, we are a globally recognized company specializing in creating roof windows. We have been bringing daylight and fresh air into homes around the world for more than 80 years. 
Our wide range of roof windows and accessories can positively transform your home in many ways, while also improving your indoor environment.

VELUX Sustainability Strategy

Rethinking the way we build
As part of an industry that accounts for over a third of the global CO2 emissions, we want to be part of finding ways to build more sustainably. 
Through our Build for Life project and Living Places concept, we aim to lead the way within the building industry and show how rethinking buildings can help solve some of the global climate and health challenges we face.
Partnering with WWF
We finance forest projects that reduce and remove carbon equivalent to our historical CO2 emissions. The projects are designed and delivered by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). 
Our twenty-year partnership will deliver a portfolio of forest projects in tropical forest landscapes with high biodiversity value that will create positive change for people, nature and climate. 
The partnership’s goal is to donate the verified carbon reductions and removals generated by the forest projects to the host countries’ climate commitments under the Paris Agreement. 
This means that the verified carbon from the forest projects will not be used for off-setting of VELUX carbon emissions or any other organisation’s emissions.

Meet our employees

Christoffer Uglebjerg, Group Strategy Assistant 
BSc. in International Business
“Each day I walk through the VELUX gates, I learn something new. VELUX is a great learning platform, largely due to it’s many diverse departments with people from different backgrounds, paving the way for interesting discussions.” 
Cecilie Højsgaard, Student Assistant in Brand Management
MSc in Brand & Communication Management 
“The best thing about VELUX is the people. It might sound like a cliché, but everyone has welcomed me with open arms, which means a lot when you’re just starting out as a student.” 
Francesca Mus, People Development Specialist
MSc in People & Business Development Graduate, CEMS Alumni 
“The trust we build among our team, and the sense of the many opportunities for growth I could have in the company, are the reason I am happy to go to work everyday.” 

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Give your career a bright future

In VELUX, we see great value in working with students. It helps us see the future through their eyes and be inspired by their view on technology trends and find new ways to transform spaces using daylight and fresh air.


In VELUX, we want to help you have a good start to your professional life. Our student assistant positions are designed to help you grow every day. We often have student assistant roles available in engineering, architecture, IT, HR, sales, marketing, finance and more. Are you ready to join us?